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11 February 2010

I promised I'd blog, so here we go!

Follow Intermediate level OTTB "Wade and Tay" (his friends call him Tate, among other things!) as he ventures to the UK for a year of Eventing competition "across the pond." Joining Tate in his adventure is his owner/rider. She too will have her own journeys about the UK with the B & W Equine Group as a practicing Equine Veterinarian from the US.


  1. Kimmy,
    Woohoo, I get to be your first comment! Aren't you glad you are almost ready to leave. Nothing much left to do just sit back and relax...of course after you pack for youself...and your horse...for a year. At least you have the whole weekend... oh wait, you are at a horse show all weekend...At least all of your paperwork is done and in hand...hmmm I'm striking out there too. Anyway, good luck. I'm really quite jealous. I'm sure you will have a great time, or at least an interesting time. I look forward to visiting. Brandy

  2. Packing for Tate is officially on GO!

  3. Just glad to know all is going...well. Have the best time possible and look out for lots of southern drawls in Merry ol' England! I'll miss you terribly but love that you're getting to have this INCREDIBLE adventure!!!!! BE SAFE!!!

    LOVE YOU!!!

  4. I'm pleased and proud. Go Kim and Tater Gator!