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15 February 2010

The Itinerary...

So, along with all adventures, there must be a grand plan, right? Tate has already embarked on the first leg of his journey, as have I :) We've both arrived in Jamaica, NY safely.

Next, though, should get more interesting. We will leave this evening out of JFK for Amsterdam via KLM plane. We should arrive Amsterdam mid-day on Tuesday at which point we will layover at a Horse Hotel :) Tate will have a stall, and I will have a room.

Then, on Wednesday morning, we will be picked up by John Parker International for our trek to the Hook of Holland where we will board the ferry to the Hook of Harwich. After a 9 1/2 hour ferry ride, we will disembark and head to Parker's yard near the port in the Southwest corner of the UK for the evening.

And finally, on Thursday AM, we will leave from Parker's and head to New Barn Farm in Chedworth.

Stay tuned...

1 comment:

  1. Hey Kim!! Just wanted to say hello on your blog and check in on how things are going. Looks like you two are well on your way... Is Sherman with you, too, or does he come later? Anyway, I'll be checking back in later!! ;)