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06 March 2010

24-hour Layover in AMS

So, contrary to popular belief, I did not venture into Amsterdam to partake in the local coffeehouses, much to the chagrin of many friends, but I spend the time catching up on some sleep, finishing a book, and enjoying some time with Tate. He was quite exhausted upon arrival as he'd been traveling since Sunday AM and it was Tuesday evening by the time we arrived at Boznicht for the night. He was bedded to his knees, though, on rubber with mounds of shavings, so had a good nap in short order.

After his nap, we had a walk around the horse hotel which in its day was quite the riding school in the old fashioned European sense. It has multiple rooms for lodging, a spacious lounge, kitchen, and bar overlooking the indoor school. He then had his legs shampooed and dried for the evening because after nearly 3 days in shipping boots, he was trying to develop some dermatitis. Not permissable at this point in the journey because we were only halfway there!

We then both gobbled our respective suppers (his a slurry of his American feed with copious amounts of warm water, beet pulp, succeed, and ulcergard and mine a pizza courtesy of our fab driver) and turned in for the evening to have a good sleep.

The next morning, after eating cold pizza leftover from dinner, Tate had a lovely warm slurry again, and continued to enjoy the deep bedding and fresh hay. I had a brisk walk into town to the ATM to withdraw Euros to cover my accomodation for the evening. It was good to get out and stretch my legs a bit. Sitting still is hard work!

By 1 PM, we were loaded onto a Parker's lorry and heading for the ferry.

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