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11 March 2010

Wednesday, 10 March

So, despite the status of the Mondeo, I did have appointments booked for today, so I loaded up the Micra with a mini stud kit and headed out to pregnancy scan a few mares, to see an add-in lame colt, to run a few personal errands, and then to skip down to the south end of the practice to do open a caslicks on an emergent basis.

You can only imagine how funny I looked to clients. The new girl, with a funny accent, no Willesley coveralls/jacket as yet, with a half-assembled kit in a periwinkle 2-door Micra that drives a bit like a lawn mower. Priceless!

However, I did snap a few photos of my daily jaunts. The theme song that continually runs through my head is “nowhere to run to, baby, nowhere to hide!”. Here's a snapshot of a “normal” lane on which I travel quite often.

And this one of the “single carriageway” A-roads that I much prefer.

Even if they do tend to "disappear" in the villages....


and along the way at various under passes.

And this one of the town in which I will be living, Tetbury.

And this, a “lay-by”. These are often outside of towns and frequently have a food van parked in them. The original drive-thru perhaps? I can't say that I've frequented one yet, but I'm sure as the stud season gets rolling, and I have a dependable vehicle, I just might find myself ordering a “beef burger with cheese on a bap” (cheeseburger on a bun!).

When I arrived back at the clinic this afternoon, I was greeted with yet another vehicle, this one a Gold Mondeo that will serve as my replacement for the Silver Mondeo whose clutch is to be repaired/replaced over the next few weeks. Thankfully, the other car's clutch is still under warranty, so I will cruise about in the gold Mommy-wagon for a bit until it is returned.

And then we'll start all over again.... Happy Trails!!


  1. Glad to see your sense of humor is remaining intact. Sounds like you stay quite busy there. I'm envious, although I did get to see a horse with lice today (I know you're jealous). I still have the lice in a nice ziploc baggie on my desk, maybe I can send them to you:)

  2. Yes, I saw a mare with lice last week as well. Apparently it's quite common here with the feathered horses and others who are very young or older and more debilitated. So, touche'!! Just kidding.

  3. I expect your father is semi kicking himself for not teaching you to drive a manual shift vehicle - required training in the combined Clary-Troncalli families. Then the older kids were assigned the dubious task of teaching the younger siblings and cousins the mysteries of marrying clutch and gas pedal. My sister Cindy was my first project...on the hills of Chattanooga no less! At one point Cindy proclaimed that she simply was going to move somewhere flat and live the rest of her life, as managing to go forward from a red light on a hill was IMPOSSIBLE!

    Nine more days!!!!!! Miss you!

  4. Kim, your life sounds like one of those BBC comedy shows! It does not sound like you will be bored anytime soon with your work and adventures. Love the pictures. The village where you will be living is so charming. Keep updating us on your adventures because our lives seem very dull in comparison. Dana had to come out Friday before last to tube Sky. He went off his hay and feed and had a 102 temp. and was dehydrated. She determined it was a stomach virus and by Sunday he was back to normal eating everything put in front of him. Of course it was after 5 when we noticed how sick he was...just love those emergency vet visits. We were talking about your Blog and how much we miss you. Take care!