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06 March 2010

Ah, Saturday, finally, I can breathe!!!

Though chilly, and with 2 inches of snow on the ground, it's a beautiful day! Amelia and Donnie took Tate and me for a 45 minute walk around the neighboring fields. I wasn't entirely sure Amelia knew where we were going, as she is only 8 years old, and we might have had little spurts of some trot and canter to help the boys settle, but all in all, it was a quiet hack. The only fences around are ancient and constructed of Cotswold stone. Most of the fields are plowed for spring planting, but a few cabbages are starting to sprout in some of them, and it's beautiful! We arrived back at the gallop where Tate had a short trot around and then another day out with his new best friend :).

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