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06 March 2010

Sunday, 21 February

The snow has hung around, and it was a classic English morning. There was dense and cold fog, snow blowing about, but it was all good. I rode Mr Taters in the English countryside with only his blowing to break the intense quiet. We had a lovely hack, only brief moments of confusion as to our whereabouts because I couldn't see anything more than 10 feet away, and some quality time alone.

We did find our way back to the barn where I untacked and rugged Tate for another day with his favorite pony, and headed with the girls to a local unaffiliated jumper show for the afternoon. The weather turned and though cold, the sun peeked about and it was a lovely afternoon with the Wayfarer girls and Emma earning some lovely rosettes for some top placings including 2 wins in 3 classes.

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